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James Scholar Honors Program

Challenge yourself to impact the future.

The University of Illinois recognizes the highest achieving undergraduates as James Scholars. The James Scholars in the College of Applied Health Sciences are challenged to enrich their scholarly activity through

  • Direct faculty interaction
  • Research
  • Global and community engagement
  • Leadership

By embracing these activities, an AHS James Scholar will be challenged to impact the future.

New for Fall 2021!

Important Changes to the AHS James Scholar Honors Program

  1. You can now access all the necessary information for the program via the AHS James Scholar Honors Program page on Canvas. I hope it will provide you with a better understanding of the requirements, deadlines, and documentation to help you be a successful AHS James Scholar. I will share any announcements, events, and updates via this page. In addition, this is where you will submit your Honors Plans and any other required documentation.

    On Aug. 23rd you will receive an email with access to the page.

  2. We will return to our pre-COVID requirement of completing a minimum of 12 graded credit hours each semester. This means courses taken for Credit/No Credit WILL NOT count toward the 12 hours. That means you must have at least 12 hours that are not S/U grading. We do allow exceptions for non-graded internship or research courses (for example, CHLH 485 or RST 485).

    If you choose to elect Credit/No Credit in a course, you must still have 12 graded hours. You may NOT elect Credit/No Credit in any course you are using for your honors credit.

  3. Students who are found to have committed academic integrity violations will be removed from the program. As this is an honors program, we consider academic integrity of the utmost importance. This is in-line with other James Scholar program across campus.

  4. Students interested in self-nominating to become a James Scholar must review the requirements and complete the following Self-Nomination Form before being allowed access to the Canvas page and submitting an Honors Plan.

DEADLINES for Fall 2021

Submit Self-Nomination Forms: Sept. 3rd @ 11:59pm

Submit Honors Plans: Sept. 17th @ 11:59pm

Submit i-Program completion certificates and response papers: Dec. 17th @ 11:59pm

Volunteer supervisors complete volunteering documentation: Dec. 17th @ 11:59pm

James Scholar Awards 2020 - 2021