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Undergraduate Affairs


Preparing you for life after Illinois

In the College of Applied Health Sciences advising and the student-advisor relationship is central to everything we do. Our advisors are here to partner with you and chart a path towards success. They want to understand your career and life goals and create a plan of action that will begin to lead you toward those goals. If you don’t know what those goals are yet, that’s okay! They will work with you to process your unique skills, talents, and interests and help you translate those into career options that fit you.

In AHS we value the powerful role that advising plays for our students so much that we require our students meet with their advisor at least one time every semester, even though many students meet their advisor more often. These checkpoints allow our advisors to keep you on track with your goals, make sure you are maximizing all of your opportunities, and assist you with any goal pivots you may be contemplating.

Careers that help

Our college features programs of study with diverse areas of expertise and knowledge bases but the common thread that runs through all of them is that they give people the tools necessary to do work that improves the quality of life of others. That is that essence of each AHS program and the careers they lead to. In AHS we become medical providers, therapists, hospital leaders, non-profit directors, public health officials, and providers of healthy and enjoyable environments.

Our graduates are healthcare entrepreneurs, hospital CEO’s, physical and occupational therapists, researchers, physical education educators, performance coaches, doctors, park rangers, event coordinators, audiologists and more.