4 students hanging out at the Illini Union outdoors on a warm day

James Scholar Honors Program

Challenge yourself to impact the future.

Class of 2022

The graduating seniors in the James Scholar Honors Program leave us with some memories and advice…

What does being a James Scholar mean to you?

Anastasia Adjei

"Being a member of the James Scholar program in the College of AHS has allowed me to challenge myself in ways that were beneficial to my own personal and academic growth while forming relationships with faculty."

Alexandra Breaux

"Being a James Scholar has shaped me to be the leader, mentor, and confident person I am today. There are so many benefits to the JS program, and I could not be more grateful to have been chosen!"

Samantha Chin

"Being a James Scholar encouraged me to improve my leadership skills. I was able to strengthen my relationships with such passionate faculty through working in a research lab and communicating with professors to take on additional projects."

Do you have any advice for prospective or current students in the program or college?

Haley Smith

"Take advantage of the different opportunities/projects provided to James Scholars. There's something new to learn through each project."

Brenda Galan

"My advice to you is to ask questions! As a first-generation college student, I have learned to advocate for myself by asking throughout my time at U of I. One big piece of advice I want to leave you with is that no one else will advocate for you as much as you are. Be bold and ask that one question; you never know where it can get you! You'll be surprised to know that many people across campus are happy to help you in any way they can. College is scary, but know you made it here because you are more than capable and deserving to make your dreams a reality."

Sarah Chahine

"Be adventurous & choose a project that you find passion within."

What was your favorite AHS memory?

Mia Jayes

"I went abroad to Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden through AHS. I completed research and clinical observations at this medical institution while taking global health courses alongside classmates I met abroad. This was by far my most gratifying and impactful experience, and I would recommend this program to anyone!"

Sydney Goodman

"My favorite AHS memory is getting to be in classes that feel like I am learning how to navigate the world as a person first rather than just within my career."

Brooklyn Clough

"Getting the care packages during finals week."