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Upcoming Events

Call to Action Grants

Tuesday, March 7

Noon to 1 p.m.

In collaboration with the AHS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, please join CHAD as we welcome Professors Andi Schwingel (KCH) and Monika Stodolska (RST), recipients of grants from the Chancellor’s Call to Action to Address Racism & Social Injustice Research Program. Drs. Schwingel and Stodolska will share outcomes from their research projects and their advice for partnering with community organizations for equitable research partnerships.

Registration is required


Wednesday, April 12

Associate Professor Liza Berdychevsky (RST) and Assistant Director Wendy Bartlo (CHAD) will present a seminar about older adults and ageism. Participants will learn about how ageism is expressed in everyday language and interactions and why ageism is harmful to people of all ages.

Noon to 1 p.m.

Registration is required


PAST CHAD Seminars

  • Engaging Older Adults in Research
  • Disability Aware Language
  • Working with the Federal Statistical Research Data Center at Illinois
  • Media Training
  • Corporate Sponsored Research
  • Caregiving Policy
  • An Overview of Illinois REDCap and Its Features for AHS Researchers
  • Launching the 7 T for Clinical Scanning and Future Research Studies
  • Important Financial Issues for Researchers
  • Research IT Services for AHS Researchers
  • Talking to the Media about your Research
  • Foundation Funding for AHS Researchers
  • International Activities and Compliance for AHS Researchers
  • Human Subjects Payments
  • Campus Research Board Funding for AHS Researchers
  • Collaborations with Carle Foundation Hospital
  • Neuroinclusion 101

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