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Center on Health, Aging, And Disability

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Upcoming Events

Neuroinclusion 101

SHS Associate Professors Dr. Marie Channell and Dr. Laura Mattie will present a seminar about neurodevelopmental disabilities and the neurodiversity movement. Participants will learn about neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g., autism, intellectual disability, learning disability, ADHD, communication-related disabilities), practical considerations when interacting with individuals who are neurodiverse, and ways to foster a neuroinclusive environment on campus.

Wednesday, Oct. 26
Noon to 1 p.m. on Zoom  
Advance registration is required


PAST CHAD Seminars

  • Engaging Older Adults in Research
  • Disability Aware Language
  • Working with the Federal Statistical Research Data Center at Illinois
  • Media Training
  • Corporate Sponsored Research
  • Caregiving Policy
  • An Overview of Illinois REDCap and Its Features for AHS Researchers
  • Launching the 7 T for Clinical Scanning and Future Research Studies
  • Important Financial Issues for Researchers
  • Research IT Services for AHS Researchers
  • Talking to the Media about your Research
  • Foundation Funding for AHS Researchers
  • International Activities and Compliance for AHS Researchers
  • Human Subjects Payments
  • Campus Research Board Funding for AHS Researchers
  • Collaborations with Carle Foundation Hospital

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