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Community Health

Examine public health issues. Create innovative solutions. Build stronger communities. Learn about health and rehabilitation services, and become an agent of change.


The health care industry is growing and changing. Health professionals must develop innovative theories, policies, and technologies to address emerging behavioral and environmental health concerns.

The Community Health program prepares students for professional and research careers in the rapidly changing world of health and rehabilitative services, with special emphasis on the community context in which health care is delivered. 

What Will I do?

A degree in community health will prepare you for leadership positions in a variety of healthcare and health-related professions.

Our graduates are currently working in the following fields:

  • Healthcare consulting

  • Public policy analysis

  • Medicine

  • Hospital administration

  • Public health

  • Epidemiology

  • Rehabilitation counseling

  • Occupational and physical therapy

Community Health Course Highlights – Spring 2023

 You can see descriptions of some of the classes we offer, below. For a complete listing, go to the academic catalog here.

Contemporary Health


CHLH 100 | GenEd (SS) | Credit: 3 hours 

Identify opportunities and barriers to health in contemporary society

In-person | CRN: 31075
Online Term B | CRN: 71648
Instructor: Sara Pearson (in-person)
Instructor: Jeffrey Trask (ONL)

Introduction to Public Health


CHLH 101, GenEd (SS), Credit: 3 hours

Learn about the science and art of promoting health and preventing diseases through organized efforts01/17/23-

In-person | CRN: 31079
Online Term A | CRN: 63867
Instructor: Rachel Hoopsick (in-person)
Instructor: Markisha Woodson (ONL)


Introduction to Medical Ethics

CHLH 260 | GenEd (H) | Credit: 3 hours

Study ethical behavior in a variety of real and practical health and medical issues

In-person | CRN: 70242
Online Term A | CRN: 74879
Online Term B | CRN: 74082
Instructor: Hillary Klonoff-Cohen (in-person)
Instructor: Ariel Freehill (ONL)

Introduction to Epidemiology

CHLH 274 | GenEd (QR1) | Credit 3 hours

Identify patterns of diseases in different populations

In-person | CRN: 31263
Online Term B | CRN: 65870
Instructor: Sarah Geiger (in-person)
Instructor: TBD (ONL)

Mental Health Issues

CHLH 200| 3 credits 

Increase your knowledge about mental health and the assessment and treatment of mental disorders.


In-person | CRN: 31113 

Online Term B | CRN: 74080

Instructor: Robyn Gobin (in-person)

Instructor: Markisha Woodson (ONL)


Human Sexuality

CHLH 206, Credit: 2 hours

Study physiological and behavioral aspects of human sexuality

Online Term A | CRN: 31167
Online Term B | CRN: 57810
Instructor: Ren Grabert (Term A) Sara Cole (Term B)

Drug use and Abuse

CHLH 243, Credit: 2 hours

Learn about substance misuse, dependence and addiction.

Online Term A | CRN: 65894
Online Term B | CRN: 57812
Instructor: Christy Bazan

Disability in American Society

CHLH 330/REHB 330, GenEd (SS), Credit: 3 hours

Study disability rights, movements, services, and policies

Online Term A | CRN: 74610


Instructor: Chung-Yi Chiu (Term A)

Online Term B | CRN: 70486


Instructor: Yih-Kuen Jan (Term B)

Community Health Organizations

CHLH 210| 2 credits

Learn about institutions and agencies which provide health information, education, services, and care

In-person | CRN: 48218
Online Term A | CRN: 74081
Instructor: Nancy Greenwalt

Public Health Research Methods

CHLH 201 | 3 credits

Learn about basic principles and concepts underlying research methods on public health

In-person | CRN: 64927
Instructor: Alicia Kraay

Intro to Health Technology


CHLH 203 | 3 credits    

Learn how technology is transforming health care, and can be used to improve people’s health and support healthier communities

Online | CRN: 71655
Instructor: Tim Hale

Health Statistics

CHLH 244 | GenEd(QR1) | 3 credits

Learn introductory concepts of statistical inference as applied to health issues

In-person | CRN: 31246
Instructor: Chung-Yi Chiu

International Health

CHLH 415 | Credit: 3 hours    
Learn the main concepts of the global health field and the multi-directional links between health, social, and
economic factors

In-person | CRN: 57254
Instructor: Ana Selzer Ninomiya

Health Data Analysis

CHLH 421| GenEd(QR1) | 3 credits

In-person | CRN: 31284
Instructor: Hyojung Kang
Learn about data analysis, sources and use of health data

Physical Activity Epidemiology

CHLH 494 STPH | 3 credits | BS-MPH 4 credits

Learn about epidemiological and research aspects of the field of physical activity and public health

In-person | CRN 38940 and CRN 39180
Instructor: Pedro Hallal

Health Care Systems

CHLH 250| 3 credits

Study major issues confronting health care systems from a macro perspective

In-person | CRN: 31249
Instructor: Minakshi Raj

Foundation of Health Behavior

CHLH 304 | GenEd (SBS) | 4 credits

Examine of the application of the social and behavioral sciences to health and health behavior

In-person | CRN: 31156
Instructor: Kristen DiFilippo


CHLH 404 | 3 credits

Learn the interdisciplinary approach to the study of aging from physiological, psychological, and social perspectives

In-person | CRN: 62465
Instructor: Soyoung Choi

Women’s Health

CHLH 409 | 3 credits

Examines the culture of women in relationship to their health

In-person | CRN: 31274

Instructor: Jeanine Bensken

Public Health Practice

CHLH 410 | 4 credits
In-person | CRN: 31278 (non-MPH)

Learn the theory and practice of public health promotion as they relate to educational approaches in solving community health problem

Instructor: Sara Pearson

Health Behavior and Technology

CHLH 441 | 3 credits

Examine the psychological, interpersonal, and social processes that drive health behaviors and health technology use.

In-person | CRN: 71397
Instructor: Shannon Mejia

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