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AHS Study Participation

Updated 12/5/2022

The College of Applied Health Sciences is home to vast and varied research agendas in the areas of public health, injury prevention, tourism, marketing, management, healthy lifestyles, speech and hearing science and more. If you want to take part in any of our studies, please check our current listings below (as of Dec. 5, 2022).




Seeking Toddlers 12-18 Months for Nutrition Study

The BCNN Lab is launching a study called ELIAS, which is focused on the cognitive and nutritional development of infants beginning at 12-18 months. You will be asked to come to 6 visits (1.5 hours each) over the course of 12 months and will receive $420 in Amazon e-gift cards. Additional compensation will be provided for those traveling over 30 miles. Contact if interested.

Seeking families with toddlers 15-24 months

The See and Say Sequence study aims to understand how quickly and accurately parents can learn a language strategy. You may be eligible if your child communicates with gestures and words, says less than 100 words, has no medical condition associated with communication difficulties, and lives in a primarily English speaking home. Parents will be asked to fill out online surveys and participate in a one-hour in-person research visit. During this visit, parents will play with their toddler before and after learning the See and Say Sequence language strategy. Families will learn from a certified speech-language pathologist and receive a $25 Amazon eCode and a small toy or book for their child for participating. For more information, contact Emily Harrington, M.S., CCC-SLP at

Toddlers needed for study of early language development

Seeking parents of 28- to 32-month-old toddlers for a language development study. Children should say at least 100 words and sentences that are no more than 2-3 words long (e.g., I want cookie). Toddlers’ language will be assessed during a one, one-hour session at 28-32 months of age and a one, one-hour session six months later. Families will receive a brief written language assessment report, educational handouts, a small toy/book, and a $30 Amazon eGift Card for each session (extra $10/session for families >30 miles away). English must be the child’s primary language. For more information, contact Windi Krok, PhD, CCC-SLP at

Eye health and school performance nutrition study in 8- to 10-year-olds

The iCONS research study involves seven 2-hour visits & a daily gummy for 9 months.  Activities include height, weight, & eye health measurements, reading & math related questions, computer tasks, & parent questionnaires. Families will receive up to $300, plus $10 per visit for travel costs. Parking provided. To learn more, email or 217-300-1667.

Children needed for paid study about gameplay & speech-in-noise ability

We're recruiting 8-12 year-olds for a paid research study about speech in noise ability. They will take a speech test in the lab, then take home a 5-minute game to play for five days. They'll return to lab for one more speech test. Total study time is less than two hours over one week. Payment is $15/hr. Must be native English speaker & have access to computer/laptop. Game equipment provided. Email

Seeking Children between 7 to 13 years for Paid Research Study

We are recruiting children between 7-13 years to participate in the Liver and Brain (LiBra) study. The LiBra study examines relationships between diet, physical health, and cognitive function. Participation involves 3 visits to Freer Hall and the Beckman Institute. Measures include diet, physical activity, weight status, brain imaging, and a blood draw. Compensation will be provided (up to $200). Contact Laura Rosok • Department of Kinesiology and Community Health


Stress, Emotions, and Pain in the Postpartum Period Interview (SEPPPI)

Did you give birth in the past 12 months? Have you currently or previously experienced stress, sadness, low mood, other sad emotions, and pain since childbirth? We are conducting individual phone interviews for women (aged 18-45) to learn how emotions and pain are experienced by women postpartum. Contact us today at (217) 244-9363 or Participants will be paid.

Anjali Patel • Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo • Department of Kinesiology and Community Health

Seeking pregnant women for fetal hearing study

Seeking female participants between 20 and 32 weeks pregnant for research to better understand what fetuses hear on a daily basis. Participants will wear a small audio device that measures sound exposure for their baby. Participants will be paid for each measurement session they complete. Call 217-300-6212 or email or


A current research study is seeking student-athletes to participate in an interview to understand opinions and use of substances athletes use to manage their performance. Participants are eligible to receive a $25 Amazon gift voucher. For more information, contact Barny Zoob Carter.


The Disability, Participation and Quality of Life research laboratory is currently conducting a research study to examine the effectiveness of a prototype fall-detection device designed for wheelchair and scooter users. We will give you a prototype fall detection device to wear for 12 weeks. The prototype will record any falls you experience but should not be relied upon to summon assistance in the event of a fall. You will be asked to perform your normal activities of daily living while wearing the device. You will also be asked to fill out surveys related to your health history, community participation, quality of life and participate in an interview after wearing the device. You will be compensated $60 for participation. If you are interested, please contact DPQoL Lab at


Have you visited New York City?

Seeking participants who have visited New York City. This study involves watching a virtual NYC tour at our lab and taking surveys. Your participation lasts about 15 mins. You will be rewarded with a free coffee gift card and have a chance to enter a drawing for one of the $20 gift cards. For more details, visit this link.

Individuals 23-30 years of age needed for research study

Participants needed for research study on effects of aging on brain activity and behavioral performance. Participants must be 23-30 years old, native English speakers, righthanded, and have at least a high school education (or equivalent). Participants will be compensated. For more information, please contact the Aging and Neurocognition Lab at or (217) 265-6574.

The ETC lab in the department of Kinesiology and Community Health is offering a free 8-week program on martial arts and exercise as part of their latest research trial. Eligible participants are compensated for attending testing sessions and everyone who completes the study will get basic martial arts and fitness training, regardless of which group they are placed in as part of the study. For more information, you can use this link: MATRICES trial or visit the ETC website at

Seeking healthy adults ages 18-30 for hearing research study

Recruiting healthy adults ages 18-30 who have no ear/hearing disorder, no speech/language disorder, no neurologic disorder, are right-handed, speak English as their first language, and are non-smokers. We study how activity of the eardrum and inner ear relates to hearing in noise. Study involves a lab visit (2.5 hours maximum, compensation of $5 per 30 min). E-mail

Stress, Arterial Health, and Cognition (STARC) Study

Recruiting adults ages 18-75 years: the STARC study investigates arterial health, stress reactivity, and cognition. Two lab visits (2.5 hours each) during which we will assess your artery health, cognition, and fitness. You will receive $100 in e-gift cards as compensation. If interested, email or complete interest form at 

Seeking Participants with Spinal Cord Injury

Seeking participants with spinal cord injury aged 18-50 years for a study examining the shoulder structure using elastographic ultrasound and laser Doppler flowmetry. All measurements are non-invasive. It will take about 1 hour to complete the study for $20. Email us at

Seeking adult males for hearing experiment

Looking for young adult males who are native speakers of American English and have normal hearing. Participants will listen and respond to speech samples and receive a hearing test during a single 1.5 to 2-hour visit. Compensation of $15 cash will be provided at completion. To learn more, contact us or email:

Seeking adults with bilateral cochlear implants

We are looking for bilateral cochlear implant users to participate in research exploring ways of delivering information with cochlear implants with the hope of improving speech and music perception. Compensation of $15 an hour; an estimated 3-5 hours of participation. Scheduling is flexible. Full days on weekdays are preferable. Email or call (217) 244-2154.

Understanding Attitudes and Opinions Towards a Health Technology

We are seeking African American adults for a study about the use of a wearable watch to support the self-monitoring of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and/or high cholesterol. Participants must be 65-80 years old, identify as Black or African American, speak English, never used a wearable watch, and can use Zoom. For more info, contact Maurita Harris at

The Effect of Dairy Milk on Muscle Health

We are recruiting adult men & women between 30-59 years old with a BMI between 25-39 for a 2-week feeding intervention. All meals are included. Blood and muscle samples will be collected. Earn $300 and DXA scan results upon completion. Click the link above for more details.


Participate in GAMEPLAN Study! Seeking participants 20 to 45 years of age for a six-week study on fiber, exercise and gut microbes. Blood and fecal donations will be required. Sedentary adults without GI disease, diabetes, or previous gallbladder removal surgery may qualify. For your participation, you will receive a check for $300. To find out it you qualify, please contact:

Individuals 18-30 years of age needed for research study

Participants needed for research study on effects of aging on brain activity and behavioral performance. Participants must be 18-30 years old, native English speakers, right-handed, and have at least a high school education (or equivalent). Participants will be compensated. For more information, please contact the Aging and Neurocognition Lab at or (217) 265-6574.

Seeking adults with no known hearing loss

We are looking for individuals with no known hearing loss to participate in research exploring how information received by the left and right ear is combined by the brain. Compensation of $15 an hour; an estimated 2-3 hours of participation. Email or call (217) 244-2154.


This study will investigate the relationship between diet, gut health, and metabolic health. Participants will consume a pre-packaged snack twice per day for 12 weeks and will be asked to visit the lab three times for testing and blood draws. In addition, 6 stool samples will be collected. For your participation, you can receive up to $300. Interested? Contact us at

Get Involved in Paid Research into Sitting and Brain Health!

Looking for adults aged 21-64 years with high weight for height to participate in a study into prolonged sitting and how adults think. The study involves 3 visits to Freer Hall, wearing activity monitors, and screening. Measures include cognitive tests, electroencephalography, a body scan, maximal exercise test, and blood draws. Compensation up to $350. If interested, click here.


Everyday needs assessment study for older adults with cognitive challenges

We are exploring challenges in daily activities by adults 60+ with history of mild cognitive impairment, stroke, or traumatic brain injury. If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulty with thinking or memory, we would like to learn from your experiences to develop solutions. The study is conducted over videochat. Participants are paid. Contact or 217-265-0885.

Adults (60+) caring for relative with dementia needed for research study

Individuals aged 60 years and older who care for a relative with dementia are needed for a research study. Participants will engage in fun, social events with other people through a video chat platform called OneClick. Participants are compensated for participation. For more information, contact us at or 217-333-5262. 

Brain Waves

We are recruiting older adults (70-89 years) for a study on the effects of aging on brain waves. Individuals should be native English speakers, have a minimum of high school education, and normal or corrected hearing and vision. The study requires cognitive testing and EEG sessions. Participants will be compensated. For more info, contact Lizzy Lydon at or 217-265-6574.

Stretch Robot Interview Study

Researchers at the Human Factors and Aging Laboratory are recruiting participants for a study that explores older adults’ perceptions of a novel mobile robot designed for the home. Participants must be 65-85 years old and will partake in an interview to discuss their perceptions about the robot. The interview will be less than one hour. For more info, please contact Megan Bayles at

Health Technology Study

The Human Factors and Aging Laboratory is seeking research participants. The research study is titled, “Understanding Attitudes and Opinions Towards a Health Technology.” For this study, we are focusing on African American adults who have never used a wearable watch (e.g., Apple Watch or Fitbit) to support the self-monitoring of cardiovascular disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), type 2 diabetes (sugar), and/or high cholesterol. This study will last two hours and take place via Zoom.  Potential participants must be 65-80 years old; cardiovascular disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), type 2 diabetes (sugar), and/or high cholesterol; speak English; identify as African American; never used a wearable watch; and have the capability to use Zoom. Participants will be compensated with a $30 Amazon e-Code. If interested in participation, please contact Maurita Harris at 217-300-5445 or

Enrolling Adults Ages 55-79 for Exercise-Based Study

Are you looking to get physically active? Researchers at Illinois are conducting a 6-month research study of stretching-toning, aerobic exercise and yoga. Participants will engage in free supervised exercise classes from August through February. We are recruiting adults ages 55-79. Researchers will gather data before, after the 6-months, and a year later. Compensation is up to $240!

SCOPE: Soluble Corn Fiber for Promoting Executive Function Study

This study involves adults ages 45-75 years consuming two different supplements daily for two separate four-week periods. Participation involves collection of stool samples and diet records. Participants will complete surveys and computer tasks (over 6 visits of 1.5 to 2.5 hours each) to assess thinking ability. The study will take fewer than 13 weeks total. Compensation of $350 provided upon completion. Contact Twinkle Mehta

Dance Study

We are recruiting Latinos 50 and older for a FREE dance, nutrition, and health program. The program is virtual and in Spanish. To enroll or learn more about the program, please call (708)-820-8010 or email

People Aged 65+ Needed for Fun, Social Engagement Research Study

Individuals aged 65 and over are needed for a research study to test and help develop a video chat technology called OneClick. Participants will engage in fun, social events with other people through a video chat platform. You will be compensated for participation. For more info, please contact us at or (217) 265-0089.