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Community Health:

Master of Public Health

Assess community needs. Develop innovative solutions. Implement impactful programs and policies. Focus on prevention. Build stronger, healthier communities.


The MPH program does not offer or accept tuition waivers. Please visit our Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities page for more information.

For more details and current tuition rates, please visit the Office of the Registrar. Be sure to locate the "Grad Master of Public Health" tuition rate.

Utilize the Illinois Cost Calculator to estimate your total cost of attendance.

A student must register for at least 12 credit hours per semester in Fall and Spring semesters to be considered a full time student. Registering for more than 12 credits will not increase tuition costs. The tuition rates in summer semester are determined per credit hour.

Total costs for various degree tracks:

2-year MPH track: Typically, students enroll in full time status for FOUR semesters (2 fall semesters and 2 spring semesters). These students ordinarily do not enroll in any summer courses unless they elect to complete their APE internship during the summer.

1.5-year MPH track: Typically, students enroll in full time status for THREE semesters (2 fall semesters and 1 spring semester). In addition, these students complete four credit hours during the summer for their APE internship.

BS-MPH track: Typically, students enroll in full time status for TWO semesters (1 Fall and 1 Spring). Additionally, these students complete 6 credit hours during Summer. Undergraduate tuition rates apply during senior year of undergraduate work.

MPH-MUP, MPH-PhD track: The tuition for the MPH part of these joint degrees is same as 2-year or 1.5 year depending on how fast the student completes the degree requirements (4 semesters vs. 3 semesters).