Any course on campus relevant to the area of health administration qualifies as an elective course. All approved concentration courses meet the criteria of an elective course. This is not a complete list and courses change annually. Current students must consult with the MSHA Assistant Director before selecting a particular elective or seminar course of choice during the registration process.

Elective courses approved for health administration students are listed below.  Each course is 4 credits unless otherwise listed.  In addition, health administration students may request the review of a course not on list.  If the syllabus shows the course aligns well with the MSHA degree and competencies, that course can become an approved elective too. (BADM = Business Administration, CHLH = Community Health, CMN = Communication, ECON = Economics, FIN = Finance, GEOG = Geography, HRD = Human Resource Development, HT= Health Technology, IS = Information Sciences, KIN = Kinesiology, LER = Labor & Employee Relations, PATH = Pathobiology, SOCW = Social Work)

The current list of MSHA Electives can be found here.

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