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Center on Health, Aging, And Disability

Supporting Interdisciplinary Research in the College of Applied Health Sciences

McKechnie Family LIFE Home

Living in Interactive Future Environments (LIFE) Home

The Living in Interactive Future Environments (LIFE) Home will be a research, community gathering, and educational space which will allow for researchers, community members, and industry partners to connect and collectively design and implement solutions for older adults. The 5,670-square-foot facility will mimic existing home dwellings (i.e., typical home of today) as well as provide space for the development of the next generation smart home (i.e., house of tomorrow) that would allow people of all ages and abilities to live fuller, healthier, and autonomous lives. It will include a 1,500-square-foot, two-bedroom living facility with attached garage for mobility and transport research. The goal of research and development efforts performed in this facility will be to develop and test new technologies to support independent living, healthcare needs, social interaction, and community participation. There will be an observation deck for viewing interactions in the living space and the Health Technology Innovation Lab for device work and development rapid prototyping of technologies for tomorrow’s home. A conference room and gathering space will provide hub for research teams, industry partners, clinicians, and for community engagement.

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