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Student Scholarships

Fund scholarships that help our students afford the increasing cost of higher education.

“I am grateful for all of the academic, research, and hands-on opportunities I have been given. They have allowed me to grow personally and professionally in ways that I would not have imagined four years ago.”

Norah Cetin, Class of 2013, KCH, 2013 Joanne M. Carraway and Charles M. Carraway Scholarship

“Receiving this award shows me that others believe that my dreams can become reality. Not only has the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health provided me with opportunities to grow, but I have also been guided along the path of success by the Applied Health Sciences community.”

Olatoyosi Akinrotimi, Class of 2014, KCH, 2013 Community Health Leadership Award

“I am grateful for the academic and personal guidance I have received over the years from many faculty members. I am also thankful for the generous contributions from friends and alumni. Their support will be of great assistance to me as I continue my education at the graduate level.”

Mallory Dunn, Class of 2013, SHS, 2013 Barbara Williams Hodson Scholarship

“Receiving a scholarship has energized and motivated me to continue striving toward my long-term professional goals. I truly appreciate the support from alumni and friends who have already been successful in the field.”

Kyle Mueller, Class of 2013, RST, 2012 George and Mary Lowrey Scholarship

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