Curbside Audiology

Speech and Hearing Science has developed curbside drop off and pick up procedures to allow us to assist hearing aid clients:

  1. The patient is verbally screened for either cough or fever prior to scheduling the hearing aid/device drop-off.
  2. The patient is scheduled a time to arrive at the clinic parking lot.
  3. The audiologist will wash their hands and utilize a new pair of gloves to place a disinfected* tray onto the bench outsidethe clinic.
  4. The patient will place their hearing aid(s)/devices(s) on thetray.
  5. The patient will return to their carand wait in their car for the assessmentof the device.
  6. The audiologist, with gloves on, will go outside, once the patient in in their car, and retrievethe tray with the aids/devices.
  7. The audiologists will carry the tray to the hearing aid workroom and disinfect* the devices and tray.
  8. The audiologist will then troubleshoot the device(s).
  9. Upon completion of the assessment, the audiologist will call the patientwho is waiting in their car to deliver the appropriaterecommendations and diagnosis.
  10. The audiologist will then disinfect* the aids/devices, return them to a disinfected tray, and carry the tray to the bench outside the Audiology Clinic door.
  11. Once the audiologist as returned inside the clinic, the patientwill get outof their car andretrieve their aids/devices.
  12. Once the patient has returned to their car, the audiologist will retrieve the tray, take it to the hearingaid workroom, and disinfect the tray and all touched surfaces.
  13. The audiologistwill remove the gloves, disposeof them properly and then wash their hands by the hand-washing guidelines.

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