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Community Health:

Master of Public Health

Assess community needs. Develop innovative solutions. Implement impactful programs and policies. Focus on prevention. Build stronger, healthier communities.


The Department of Kinesiology and Community Health offers a joint BS-MPH degree program for undergraduates majoring in Community Health, I-Health, or Kinesiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Students can earn a BS-MPH in either of the MPH degrees offered - Epidemiology or Health Behavior & Promotion. The BS-MPH allows students to complete their degree at an accelerated pace by taking some courses that count towards their MPH degree during their undergraduate senior year.

Only students who have completed their junior year but have not yet completed their senior year are eligible to apply. The curriculum, degree requirements, and faculty for the BS-MPH program (MPH portion) are the same as the regular MPH program.

The BS-MPH program is accelerated. Students complete the accelerated degree by a) taking coursework that counts towards their BS and MPH degrees during their senior year and by b) taking a heavier course load in their time on the MPH part of the degree. The standard MPH degree is a 2-year program. Students completing the BS-MPH in Epidemiology finish in 1.5 years, and students completing the BS-MPH in Health Behavior & Promotion finish in 1 or 1.5 years.


BS-MPH students complete the standard MPH curriculum, but they do so at an accelerated pace and begin during their senior year*. Please read the detailed information about the Epidemiology core and concentration courses or the Health Behavior & Promotion core and concentration courses to learn more about the curriculum for these programs.

BS-MPH students are allowed to apply 12 credit hours from undergraduate study to the MPH degree. This will come from the following courses the student takes during their undergraduate studies.

  • CHLH 410 Public Health Practice (4 Credits)
  • CHLH 469 Environmental Health (3-4 Credits depending on when taken)
  • 400-level elective course OR one 400-level 4th MPH concentration course (3 or 4 Credits)

*There is a possibility that some BS-MPH applicants complete one or more of senior year MPH courses (CHLH 410, CHLH 469, Elective/Concentration course) before they apply to the program. They are not required to retake the courses after entering the joint degree program and those credits will automatically be applied toward both the BS and MPH degrees.


Please visit the Admissions section of the MPH website to learn more about applying to the BS-MPH program. Please be sure to read the Application Requirements and How to Apply: BS-MPH sections in detail.

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