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Jamaal Rahman

Alumni Spotlight—Jamaal Rahman

Alumni of the College of Applied Health Sciences have myriad career options thanks to the tremendous diversity of programs. We periodically will put the spotlight on an alum to find out what they're doing now, what experiences they had and what AHS means to them. This week, we talk to Jamaal Rahman, a KCH alum who now owns and operates Burke Mill Chiropractic in Winston Salem, N.C.

Q: Why did you pick AHS?

A: I chose AHS because the program looked great! I loved the size of the program and it was very relevant to my career path which is chiropractic.

Q: Which professors had the most impact on you?

A: I would say Dr. (Marni) Boppart was one of my favorite professors at U of I period and Amy O’Neill was the best advisor that I’ve ever had. She was so great in my journey in the college.

Q: What course did you most enjoy?

A: That seems like forever ago, but I loved all of Professor Boppart’s classes and most labs!

Q: Did you enter AHS knowing your career path, or did AHS help you decide?

A: I knew that I wanted to be a chiropractor and decided on kinesiology as my major later due to the above reasons.

Q: Did your AHS experience lead to your current job?

A: My AHS experience gave me more of a thirst for knowledge. To this day I still continue to be a student of how the body works, moves and heals so that I can help every patient who steps in my clinic.

Q: What was your favorite on-campus experience?

A: I loved being around my peers all day. Labs were great! Who wouldn’t love working out for class! I still remember doing the VO2 test in class. Great memories.

Q: What does AHS mean to you?

A: AHS was the start of my career and helped further establish my passion for my field and bettering musculoskeletal help for my patients. Thank you, U of I and AHS!

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